Propagate Vanilla plant

Propagate Vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolia) from cuttings.

Vanilla is vine and one of many types of orchid. Origin is from Central America but because its value farmers spread around tropical and subtropical area of the World. I grow it indoor in Continental climate, but you can move outside it from May until September.

Cuttings need to be
at least 30 cm long.

Bended leaf

Takes Vanilla cuttings from plant during Waning moon. In that period leaf is soft and can bend over without break. Wear gloves when do that because sag from cuttings can irritate skin. Cuttings needs to have, at least, 2 leafs and 2 aerial roots and about 20 to 30 cm.

Vanilla cuttings

You can see on the photo above how I cut the Vanilla branch (marked with 1) on 2 parts. After that I cut unneeded part, shorter part (marked with 2).

As medium can use
Orchid soil.

As medium you can buy Orchid soil or prepare your own mix.
I prefer to make my own mix which contain: peat moss, perlite, potting soil, banana pill (dried and thermally processed), bark chips, coconut shell, coal, lava rocks, hydrogran (expanded clay balls). You do not need do use all that, rather make your mix. You can use even other material which you can find around you eg. this time I used covering from vine holder because holder was broken.
I prefer my own mix because it is cheaper and more suitable for Vanilla. Sometime I mix my medium and Orchid medium from store.
All ingredients I mixed in approximately same quantity.

When you put cuttings in pot put it in position like it grow, upper part of leaf to be up.
As fertilizer this time I used Osmocote which slow release nutrients 12 month.

Take care medium to be enough moist but not to much. Spray with water the plant and medium. Water has to be soft I'm using RO water (deminerallized).

Vanilla likes

Older Vanilla plants like lights but freshly propagated plant do not need so much lights. You can hold it in shade until grow enough. Especially does not like light during strongest light period of the day (11 do 16 h).

Plantet Vanilla cuttings

In the beginning you do not need holder but after while you need it because Vanilla is vine. As holder you can use stick or special holder with covering which can hold moist for aerial roots.

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