Vladimir Stefanović

Novi Sad

Hobbies help me escape from everyday concerns and give me pleasure and peace.
Opportunity to earn from that makes satisfaction even greater.

First of all sorry for my bad English. I'm not native English but I hope you will understand me. I made this website multilingual because I want to reach more people and gain wider experience.

Profession: IT

I'm System engineer at Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia in Novi Sad also I'm PHP web developer and big fan of Linux and Open source software generally.


I'm dedicated Aquarist and Terrarist.

I started with Aquaristics in 2012 persuaded by my son who wanted fish. we bought few fish, one aquatic plant (some Cryptocorine) and added water. I thought that was it but very soon my problems started, so I began to read the forums and gather knowledge. Today I'm laughing how naive I was but it was good start.

Now I have 4 aquariums in which I'm growing aquarium plants and animals including Caridina multidentata (Amano shrimp), Theodoxus danubialis (Danubian Nerita), Tylomelania sp. (Sulavesi snail).

Terrorists came later, also by a son who saw on the Internet the Eublepharis macularius (Leopard gecko) and wanted one. That time I search more seriously and investigated what was necessary for these lizards. Except the Leopard gecko I have a Testudo graeca (Greek Forest Turtle) and I also had Chamaeleo calytratus (Yemenian chameleon), who unfortunately died.

I grew up food for my pets and I decided to sell all rest such as Zophobas morio (Superworms ), Acheta domestica (House Crickets) and Blaptica Dubia (Dubia cockroaches ).

Also I'm cultivating and selling flowers such as Hoya lanceolata (Hoya - waxing flower ), Vanilla planifolia (Vanila Orchid ).

Because good quality and relativelly low price people started to interested more and I decided to expand capacity. Satisfied customer is very important because most of my customers coming by recomendations.


I transferred my hobby to this website in order to spread knowledge. I am behind it and all projects described here.

All content (including text and images) is my work exept where is strictly emphasised other author. This website is for hobbyist who wants to share experience and / or purchase

Why am I different?